Posted by: silbermask | September 23, 2008

Silvermask Scanlation Project

Thanks all for visiting this site.

I’d like use this opportunity to inform you guys about my ongoing project and future project. To those that willing to help (in various area) are much welcome to the team.


Ongoing project:

Eyeshield 21 – joint project with Franky House (weekly)

Kekkaishi – will try to continue 219 and above when the translation is available. (translator wanted)

Claymore – monthly

Full Metal Alchemist – maybe will join a group for this scanlation.. but we’ll see (monthly)

Rave – help needed for this scan.

Position open:

Cleaning – Doesn’t need a high skill of cleaning since the raw is already in tank version

Translator – if u are able to translate from jpn-eng or chinese-eng or malay-english, please apply

Typesetter – fill the word in the bubble.. (easy job isn’t it?)


Future Project


Ghost Sweeper Mikami – Those that interested in cleaning, translating (jap-english) and typeset please leave a pm either here or Mangahelpers.

King of Hell – if someone interest in translating from Korea-English for me..


Stop Project (hope not)


Goal Den Age – the raw that i have really bad so i guess this is it. unless there’s another raw available. if anyone willing to clean it, please pm or leave a message.

HSD Kenichi – with the translation already not available to use and only sometime available like 261 come up from no where… i guess i need to stop this. i also dissapointed with the current group quality although it is ok.. but it’s still not OK enough. but we have no choice then.



Actually all position is open if u would like to help no matter which series. (cleaner, translator, and editor or maybe proofreader for some series). just indicate which one u would like to help by leaving a comment here or PM me at mangahelpers. this is freelance project so i’m sorry for all the lackness that i have. btw, please make sure u put the correct email if u would like me to contact u again.

i may do some other series but we’ll see. no one knows about the future right?

Posted by: silbermask | November 20, 2008

HSD Kenichi 283

well.. it’s seem like someone doesnt like me post the kenichi release..


but since i already done it.. let me share this release with u guys..

Posted by: silbermask | November 19, 2008

HSD Kenichi 282

back into kenichi business~~
not my best scanned.. but hope you enjoy~~
the climax battle between kenichi and tirawit!!

credit to:

raw provider – rogue sapphire
translator – author roy

Posted by: silbermask | November 10, 2008

Kekkaishi 219

new kekkaishi~~

credit to kaya for translation

*nose bleed*

Posted by: silbermask | November 4, 2008

Claymore 84v2

version 2 is out…
to those that dload v1.. you are encourage to dload this version..
with better translation (japan-english) by shrimpy..
better image quality? (hope so.. please comment)

credit to:
raw provider: gene
translation: shrimpy

Posted by: silbermask | November 2, 2008

Claymore 85

new claymore…

more action.. less talk…

this is scanlation base on rough translation…

so i’m sorry for any mistake

credit to mc2 for the translation

Posted by: silbermask | November 1, 2008

HSD Kenichi Gaiden ch01

gaiden time~

probably my last involvement in kenichi cause there’s no free translation available..

Posted by: silbermask | October 30, 2008

One Piece 520

surprise release from me…

the excitement come from early release of raw~~

Posted by: silbermask | October 29, 2008

HSD Kenichi 238

as requested~

Posted by: silbermask | October 28, 2008

HSD Kenichi 239

chapter 239…

now the gap has been filled~

btw.. in case if u wondering where’s 238.. it’s already been done by other group.

if u still want my version.. please say so in this comment. 🙂

Posted by: silbermask | October 27, 2008

HSD Kenichi 237

a bit tired today…

credit to perfectcircle for the translation

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