Posted by: silbermask | November 19, 2008

HSD Kenichi 282

back into kenichi business~~
not my best scanned.. but hope you enjoy~~
the climax battle between kenichi and tirawit!!

credit to:

raw provider – rogue sapphire
translator – author roy



  1. pls leave the HSDK scanlations to nenieru tq

  2. thanks

  3. thanks! but what happened to kekkaishi???????
    its like no1 scanlates it anymore TT_TT

  4. thank you for your work, you’re great! can’t wait for the next one

  5. to doctor chaos…
    i cant scanlate kekkaishi without translation.. so currently we have to wait untik kaya has post his translation
    to kewlguy..
    may i know the reason why do u say that?
    i know there’s probably many reason like…
    1) your scan is suck..
    2) you want other release to be out..
    3) or you dont want any competition <– probably from nerieru perception
    it’s not like i want to compete against nerieru but just curious…

  6. Competition makes quality and quantity. I’m also curious to his illogical reasoning.

  7. @kewlguy
    there’s no law about who’s supposed to be scanlating what. anyway, if 2 scanlators are doing the same project, they’ll be forced to work faster ( especially nerieru. )

    keep up the good work, silvermask. quality and grammar has never bothered me ( i can’t even tell the difference. for grammar, i can just correct it myself 😀 ) so whoever scanlates first wins.

  8. I agree with Anon2.

    @kewlguy, that’s just rude. I’m pretty sure nerieru didn’t license this manga. And you do know they (nerieru) weren’t the first group to start scanlating HDSK right?

  9. thanks man..nice job,
    gambatte kudasai

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